Streaming Discord Merge


We have merged our Streaming and Gaming Discord servers into one happy server.
when you first join you must accecpt our rules then visit:
Important/Choose your roles and select Streamer or Gamer or both.
this will open up specfic channels for each role.

Streamer Role
If you select streamer role you will see all the channels relevant to Streaming, to post in Raids Area & Non/Affilate area you need to be Entry Level 3 post rank, you can do this quickly by posting in Chat rooms and Fun Area.

Gamer Role
If you select Gamer role you will then need to visit:
Gaming Area/access-gaming-areas where you need to add all your gamer tags then you will be given [AG] Gamer which will allow you to see crossplay games and then we will add your choosen Platform roles to select your platform channels you wish to see eg PC, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation.

If you wish to join our new Discord Servers then check below:
Anigma Gaming Discord Server

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