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Benefits of membership
Better availability of players online wanting to play similar games.
AG Members get priority in our lobbies.
AG Members are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and informative. Members are driven to the continued improvement of the clan by collaborating with other members on strategies, tactics, or other skilled methods.
AG Members have exclusive access to additional content and features on our website that’s not available to the public.
AG Members utilize the real time messaging app Discord for communication throughout the clan which is optional.

The Recruitment Process
The process begins when we have received the Application Form below and once we have read the details we will get back to you as soon as we can.
After completing Application Form please Post in the Forums under Introductions and Introduce yourself to our Community.
Please Join our:
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We have no evaluation period as we are casual gaming community. But for any unacceptable behavior would lead to a warning or dismissal from the community. If members wish to setup a competitive team on a certain game/league then this is acceptable but must inform a Officer/Founder

Recruitment Requirements
13 Years of age or older.
MUST have a working mic.
Follow instructions.
Use the mic for good call-outs, communicate vital information during game play, and NOT babble, belly-ache, or complain.
Be a Team Player, cooperate with and respect your teammates.
Support the primary objective of winning the game, especially if it means sacrificing personal initiatives such as K/D, personal stats, sprees, etc.
Optional Join our Discord Server for instant messages.

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