What is Anigma Gaming?

Anigma Gaming is a laid back casual multi platform gaming clan. Founded in 2011 by Kerjam88, XAlexUK- and Joshh-1990 under the name of Born2Game and was rebranded to Anigma Gaming on 1st September 2020.

Why should I join Anigma Gaming?

  • You don’t like being matched up with poorly skilled players, uncooperative random players that betray you for a weapon or vehicle, or random players who are not team players.
  • You are looking to be part of a mature and organized team with sound strategies and tactics.
  • You don’t want the immature drama that occurs in other clans or groups.

How do i Join?

  1. Contact us to express your interest in joining.
  2. We will have a Officer contact you to discuss your interest get you into AG games with our members.
  3. Meet our requirements of posting on our forums in introductions, joining our discord server, like our facebook page and join the facebook group.
  4. You will also need to add all our members to your gaming platform friendlist.
  5. You will need to be active on our forums and participate in discussions

Who is the leader of Anigma Gaming?

During 2010 Kerry “Kerjam88” decided to create Born2Game. Kerry recruited Josh “Joshh-1990 and Alex “XAlexUK-” as Co-Leaders and then we have Officers which help running the clan also. But as a whole between Leader/Co-Leader and Officers run the clan.

This Black List is a list of players whose attitude, behaviour, values and or ethics are incompatible with Anigma Gaming. These individuals wish to do harm or cause trouble with our members or our organization. Anigma Gaming members are NOT to associate with those listed.